• Wilma Business Coach

    Wilma Business Coach

    A key position holder in our client organisation felt having been treated against the communicated company values. This had severely eroded the person’s motivation, and communication with the top management was not functioning. In the coaching, means were found to rebuild mutual understanding, improve interaction manners, and factual things to be mended in the management…

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  • Wilma Strategy Scan

    Wilma Strategy Scan

    Our customer was a production industry company, whose growth had stopped. On the basis of the Strategy Scan, we fulfilled and widened the strategy together with the customer, changed the organisation model, identified responsibilities and indicators, as well as supplemented necessary expertise with a few recruitments.

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  • Wilma Recruitment – CIO

    Wilma Recruitment – CIO

    We recruited a chief information officer (CIO) for the supplier of industrial manufacturing and automation systems. The person focuses on strategic IT management in the company, where the business logics will change very dramatically as a result of the opportunities provided by digitalisation/IoT.

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  • Wilma Recruitment – CEO

    Wilma Recruitment – CEO

    As a part of the structural evolution of a technology company, we recruited a Chief Executive Officer. In the recruitment process, we also clarified how the board of the directors and some key personnel saw the strategy, management system and need for cultural change in the company. This laid a solid foundation in building the…

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